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Jessica Braun
Jessica BraunNew Home Owner

Thanks Guys @userguides, You saved my butt! Literally! I was blessed to buy a new house, and we closed in February and it was freezing. The house came with a built in gas fire place but I had know idea that the owners did not leave instructions on how to open the valve or get the igniter going. I was able to Download a fireplace manual for my model fireplace, read through it and before long my "Bun" was again toasty, Lol. Thanks for all your help!

Jen Choy
Jen ChoyPersonal Trainer

Userguides! You Guys Rock!
I had no idea what was wrong with my treadmill as I had used it the day before without incident.The next day could not get it to lower from incline postion. I was able to find and download the manual from your site and got it working again. Saved $175 repair bill from Reebok sending a tech out! Woo Hoo! I will tell everyone I know about your site, keep up the good work!

L. Trematoli
L. TrematoliFashionista/Designer

Awesome Thank you So much Userguides! I have been searching Google for over a year trying to find the Singer 888 Manual. Now I can finally use my machine again!

David Greer
David GreerSenior UI/UX Designer

I had been searching tirelessly, for firmware to update an Older device I was working on. I searched everywhere on the Internet for 3 days. Finally came across your site, searched for it and found the firmware version that I needed. I was floored, Who would have thought such a site existed. UserGuides I now have you bookmarked, and I am forever grateful!

Tammy Russo
Tammy RussoSr. Videographics Editor

Userguides, Thanks to you guys, I was able to find, then download firmware for my Canon Video Camera to reset it and get it working again. Never knew your site existed, but I am so glad you guys are around.Could not have done it without you! Thank you again.

Nathan Dupont
Nathan DupontSketch Art Designer

You are my New Go-To when I need help! I had inherited an Old Pearl Grandfather clock that has been in my family for generations. Problem was I did not know how to set it up to get the Moon Dial working. I called a number of Antique Stores in my area for help, but they either wanted me to bring it in or they could send a tech out for a fee , one was charging as much as $75 dollars. Are you kidding me? "No way I said !"
I was able to download the Service and Clock setting manual from your website. I had the clock working within 10 minutes! It had been sitting in my living room for over 8 months prior to me coming across your site. My Family and I sincerely Thank You!

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